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    Professional And Affordable Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne

    The need for air ducts is on the increase. Several homes spend effortless time trying to clean up the air ducts and this has become a very important routine as several requirements have been released by the National Air Duct Cleaners’ Association (NADCA) as standards which anyone cleaning an air duct (be it a professional or not) must meet. Since we are here to offer the best duct cleaning service in Melbourne with all standards of NADCA.

    The use of air ducts can be correlated to its function in improving indoor air. Lack of these air ducts in modern times have been linked to ailments such as allergies and asthma, when they are improperly cleaned. It has actually been proven by a research that a greater number of people suffer these diseases due to unhealthy indoor air.

    A dirty air duct contributes to the amount of microorganisms inhabiting the furniture, carpet, bedding, and flaked off skin. Amongst these microorganisms are the dust mites which present a very big problem; despite their minute nature, they have been identified to be major causes of diseases like allergies, following pollen grains. Their waste matter is responsible for causing allergies.

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    Having seen the problems these dust mites from dirt air ducts bring, then it becomes important to ask how to get rid of these dust mites. Irrespective of age, several people are being infected on a daily basis with these dust mites making it an issue of concern as it attacks both adult and children.

    To bring a solution to this problem, the services of a professional air duct cleaning company in your locality has to be invited. Owing to the increasing number of firms sprouting up on a daily basis and offering this service. It becomes very much important to put some things into consideration before making the choice of the right cleaning service for you.

    These services help you reduce the number of mites found in the indoor air of your home. Unlike other air duct cleaning services, CleanToday is one air duct cleaning service that stands out as we provide an excellent air cleaning service, air purifier, cleaning of vent, and also a suitable air duct repairs for you.

    Benefits of Cleaning A Duct

    A clean air duct is very important asset that every home should possess. Inasmuch as theirs no evidence that accumulation in your vents will cause you any significant negative effect which may be detrimental to your health; the presence of molds in dirty air ducts has a very bad effect on your health and can be very dangerous.

    If you make use of insulated ducts that has gotten wet or moldy, they deserve to be replaced. It is agreed by a research that an increase in the quality of indoor air may be a factor in some health conditions. We have taken time to list out some health benefits of a clean air duct.

    It helps prevent the rise of several respiratory diseases.

    It helps improve the quality of indoor air.

    It helps us maintain a healthy state, as the air we breathe is pure.

    It helps reduce the speed at which infection spreads.

    It curtails allergy by eliminating dust mites.

    It helps save energy used in heating up a room as contaminants in the air reduce the the efficacy of the energy used for heating or cooling making it to work for a longer period of time.

    A clean Air duct has a better cost effectiveness than a dirty one.

    l Having a poor indoor air can be a great turn off for visitors in your house or clients in your office.

    Why Choose CleanToday

    We not only provide cleaning services but also have a team of skilled personnels that assist you with repairs.
    We have a team of well trained air duct cleaners who are always set to meet all your cleaning needs.
    We ensure that your air duct is in the right state to heal give you a healthier indoor air.
    We have an insurance which protects you against damage of air ducts during cleaning process.
    Our services are very much cost effective as we provide the best service for less money.
    We are locally located in Melbourne and offer you fast delivery of services
    We are well-equipped with cleaning equipment’s and supplies to help make your experience better.
    We make use of vacuum system provides a strong bacterial cleaning
    We have well equipped pickup vehicles to serve your home purposes.
    Our professional air duct cleaners work round the clock, 24*7
    We are certified in the service of duct cleaning, and we can clean all types of air ducts from different manufacturers.
    We also have a reliable customer care service that discharges their duties round the clock.
    We provide a guaranteed cleaning and repair of duct in Melbourne with 100% customer satisfaction in the past years.
    We also have a team of customer-friendly employees, ensuring total satisfaction.
    We have no hidden charges unlike most companies.
    We have an insurance which protects you against damage of mattress during cleaning process.
    We have an inspection team which inspect the work after cleaning to make sure you have full customer satisfaction
    We also have a team of customer-friendly employees, ensuring total satisfaction. And we offer the best duct cleaning and repair services in the totality of Melbourne.
    We have a well developed network which enables us reach you any were in Melbourne.
    We always make use of environment friendly products for our service. This helps boost your health and the quality of air you breathe in.
    We offer the best duct cleaning and repair services in the totality of Melbourne.

    Our Air Duct Steam Cleaning Process

    The importance of clean air cannot be argued. It may have come to your notice of late that it feels a little harder to inspire air or the air just doesn’t have a pleasant smell. This is a sign that your Indoor air ducts needs a thorough cleaning to ensure top performance and effectiveness.

    Unclean air ducts can serve as a reservoir for unwanted substances such as bacteria, viruses and other germs which can cause an adverse effect on health. Keeping you family healthy is your priority, so you should take out time to clean up your air ducts.

    Below are some procedures on how to do this:

    Locate the air ducts in your home; just in case your packed into a house newly, you need to check around for the positioning of the air duct as some many of them aren’t placed in proper places. If you have been living in a house for long, its obvious, you know were they are located.

    The next thing you should want to do would be to look underneath the air duct in search of anything such as a hanging picture, a furniture, a rug, a carpet, other items that are for decorative purposes.

    And others and take them out of the way or cover them up with something so that they don’t get dirty with dust or dirt landing on them as you won’t have it at your convenience, starting another cleaning after you are through with the air duct.

    The next step is to make sure that your height can get to the vent of the air duct. This can be easy if you are too tall and you vent is placed on a high place where your height can get to and can be a problem if you fall among the short or average populace.

    To aid you with this step, you should consider setting a stable surface to stand on providing the vent is high; this could be a step-stool, a stable chair, a ladder or you can get a strong person to hold you up until the work is done.

    Its important to make sure that the item your using to support your weight is sitting flat on the ground, to avoid any form of wobbling when your weight is on it. The air of a cleaner air duct is very comfortable and relaxing, but the truth still remains that it doesn’t have to be achieved at the expense of a broken or twisted ankle.

    The next step is to use a paper towel to cover up the supply registers which are responsible for supplying heated air to the rooms. This step will conserve you more energy as it will prevent excess dust from being released into the room as you take your time to clean the air ducts.

    Turn the fan in the room on, so as to avoid keeping everyone in the surrounding from breathing in and coughing up all the dust particles that being released from what your doing.

    Check your furnace filter to make sure that they aren’t damaged; these are of immense importance as they assure that the dust you are about cleaning off does not get stuck in the motor of the fan.

    Loosen up the stuck or damp dust in the vents with a brush.

    Clean up the supply registers. And ensure to sweep out the air from air return registers.

    The next thing you would want to do is to go back to your thermostat and turn off the fan; then visit the switch or break panel and also turn off the furnace using the switch. Also make sure that you don’t turn off the thermostat.

    The dust in the return air boot and blower department should be vacuumed.

    Its more advisable to spare some time and money to replace the furnace filter as this would give you more satisfaction in the long run as the air definitely will be cleaner with a new filter in your home.

    Vacuum the space that occurs from removing the caps of the rectangular duct work.

    if you have a basement, remove the basement registers on the inside.

    You can as well call in a professional. At times we may not clean an air duct as much as we like no matter how hard we try to clean them; this makes it obvious that we need a professional touch to give it that feeling that we need.

    Guaranteed Duct Cleaning Services We Give You

    CleanToday is one of the best professionals in duct repair service and duct cleaning in Melbourne. We offer you a full time service which will beat all services you have probably received in the past and will give your indoor air the purity you have always wanted. We have experts that clean and repair all types of air ducts, no matter the height and size.

    A detailed list of the guarantee we offer are:

    We promise to offer a very professional cleaning and repair service to you; one that is second to none in the whole of Melbourne

    l We guarantee you that we will always leave your air duct system better than we met it.

    l We assure to supply you a steady and working customer support to meet your needs.

    We also assure you of a quality home installation service, if you acquired a new air duct; all for a little fee.

    We assure you that there won’t be any hidden charges.

    We assure you that we will deliver all our services within the stipulated time frame.

    We promise to have our professional cleaners work tirelessly with you to keep your air ducts and vents clean.

    We assure you of delivering a quality duct cleaning and repair services in the whole of Melbourne.

    We offer Cost Effective Prices

    We at CleanToday bring you the best price for all your duct cleaning and repair services in the whole of Melbourne.

    What We Offer

    We offer a variety of mattress cleaning services which includes:

    Air Duct steam cleaning in Melbourne

    Air duct dry cleaning in Melbourne

    Air duct Repairs In Melbourne

    Air duct replacement

    Mold and Mildew Elimination

    Why You Should Work With A Certified Duct Cleaning And Repair Professional in Melbourne

    Air is something a human and every other living thing cannot survive without. Being that it has this importance attached to it, it becomes basically important to avoid not having the chance to breath a good and pure air. Air vents are installed to improve ventilation and air circulation and this motives are better achieved with a very clean air duct.

    The complications a dirty air duct can stimulate ranges from asthma, allergy and others and hence it becomes very vital to have a professional do this cleaning work for you, so as to improve the quality of the indoor air which you breath.

    A professional uses all types of machines and equipment’s which are suit for cleaning and air duct to carry out this task to its best and this in the long run tends to gives a better satisfaction than when handled by and inexperience person.

    Our Insurance Cover For You

    We provide you with a 100% ironclad insurance for all air ducts damaged by natural hazards such as fire, accidents and other forms of hazards; under our care. This insurance means that you can’t loose any thing if your having us cover your cleanings and repairs for you. If your air duct doesn’t remain better than it was before you seeked our services, we pay you.

    Facts About Air Duct Cleaning

    It improves HVAC system efficiency and probably reduces energy costs.

    On a daily basis, over 150 homes choose sears for air duct cleaning.

    It helps get rid of years of accumulated dirt, debris and allergens.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can we say to be the possible health benefits that will come from Air duct cleaning?

    A dirty air duct harbors contaminants and the removal of contaminants such as fungi, dust, bacteria, mold and others helps make the air around you safer to inhale and hence stands chances to improve your health.

    How can I detect that the cleaning service did a thorough work?

    The most efficient way to do this is by visually assessing the the system before and after cleaning.

    What are antimicrobial chemicals and why do they need to be used?

    Antimicrobial chemicals are used for the eradication of contaminants such as fungi, viruses and bacteria.

    Will a clean air duct reduce our home energy bills?

    Research has shown that the removal of debris and dirt from the air duct increases its efficiency by removing obstacles from its mechanical components.

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