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We are an experienced team of professionals with a smart working attitude, that will get the job done with super modern techniques. We take the opportunity to introduce you to all our excellent services that we provide at CleanToday.

Right from carpets to rugs and upholstery to car cleaning, we do it all. We promise you a 100% guaranteed service and full satisfaction.

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Excellent Execution

We have a team of cracker professionals who will leave you satisfied without any complains.

Best Time Management

We have trained our cleaners not only in technicalities of the job but also to complete the task in the set time.


Despite our set work time table, we adhere to immediate needs of the customer even on the day of hire.

Heating & Cooling

Here in Brisbane the weather doesn't seem to make up its mind. But you surely can call CleanToday today and get rid of weather problems. Without proper maintainence of the heating and cooling systems, these weather changes can cause festy homes or surroundings. CleanToday can fix this problem for you.


Gas Ducted Central | Hydronic Floor Heating          


Evaporative Cooling | Split Unit

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

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Duct Cleaning

Unclean ducts can cause problems to health, specially respiratory problems. Our duct cleaning services guarantee lesser problems in daily life by overcoming health and fire hazards. We take care of proper maintainance of your duct systems and safety through the best cleaning practices we implement.

Duct Cleaning

Residential | Commercial | HVAC | Laundry Dryer

| Evaporative Cooler | Air Duct | Duct Repairs

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are always clean and soft and attractive looking but might get discolored after prolonged use which makes it look unpleasant. Regular cleaning can leave it grot free, but might cause the carpet to loose its texture. Our team is an expert in handling your carpets and making it look its best even after constant cleaning. To safeguard your carpets, the team will first test the fibre, to figure out the cleaning method and suitable chemicals to be used and will then carry on with the next process.

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Rugs Cleaning

Rugs are functional household items that require care and maintenance to keep them in a proper condition. If they are dealt by an expert care which allows the fibres to be free from dirt, then why not call 'CleanToday®' today? It is a joy to see the rugs once matted getting restored to their original state. Rugs play an important role in our daily lives by keeping our feet or shoes free from dust and dirt and hence keeping our homes clean. So it’s time to hand them over to professional team.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Get the upholstery cleaning done with eco-friendly cleaning agents used by 'CleanToday®'. A dusty couch can casue skin irritation. You don't want to be chilling on a filthy couch, do you? We will set up a clean couch, free from dirt and infection with our best services. The cleaning is offered for a variety of furniture and upholstery service.


Cleaning the curtain | Mattress | Vehicle upholstery | Leather | Regular upholstery

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End of Lease Cleaning

So when its time to shift and vacate your home, you need to clean it well so it looks the way it did wen you first moved in. This will leave a good impression on the new tenant and your landlord. We prepare a property service checklist list to check mark the tasks to be done so as to ensure all tasks are completed.
Call Now : (04) 9895 3000
  • Faced no hassle with regards to time or management. Work was quick and prompt. I got my home clean and pleasing with my rugs, carpets and tiles spick and span.

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  • I was happy with the results of 'CleanToday®'. Other cleaning services normally delay work but here with CleanToday no time was wasted after fixing the appointment. I was worried about my car stains but Comley came to the rescue. Also they left my old looking car sparkling and as good as new.

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  • I asked them to work according to a manner I wanted to get the work done, which was adhered to. Moulding and accepting the customer's needs to their set work pattern was what I liked about them. Brilliant work!

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  • I had black stubborn ink spilled on my car carpets, which was tough to get off. Thanks to CleanToday, the car interiors seem like there were no stains ever. I am happy with their services and would not hesistate to call them for yet another job.

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  • Thank You for your assistance, CleanToday. I really admired your team in their efforts to getting my house cleaned well and on time. They did not take time to tee up at all. Good time management!

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  • Great service! My emails were not taken long to be reverted. I received assistance within 24 hours, and was happy with the end results.

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